Thursday, December 11, 2008

Puddle of Pollock

So I bought some stuff off of Threadless last night. Threadless is a place for hip, fun hipster/emo shirts and such. They have some really funny like pun-oriented shirts. Breezing through I found a Pollock shirt. I liked it. But I couldn't ever pull off a style like that. There's also a parody of "The Scream" but instead it has this stinking emo kid screaming. I'm kind of tired of emo kids, and also The Scream parodies.

By the way they are having their annual Christmas sale. Shirts are $5, $10, and $15 dollars. If you use this promotional code you can get $3 off. It's: holiday08

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Mississippi Arts Commission Grant

I recently found out that I got a grant from the Mississippi Arts Commission! I am so stoked. I can really use this money right now, especially with the economy being down in the dumps. Buying hundreds of dollars in art supplies to create art that may or may not sell is a risky endeavour. Don't worry MS taxpayers, your money will be well spent!

Any artists living in Mississippi should consider applying to the various grants offered through the state. Here is their site:

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Keith Haring Balloon Attack!

(photo by Thomas Churchwell)

Happy Thanksgiving! I was following my annual routine of watching the Macy's Thanksgiving parade while getting ready for Thanksgiving festivities, when I caught a glimpse of the Keith Haring Balloon. I thought it was pretty cool. Haring was an illustrator around the eighties. I was never a real big fan of Haring's work, but then again i was in diapers when he was popular. His work is everywhere in clip art and such.

Well, anyway, the Today show crew were doing their spiel when out of nowhere the Keith balloon attacked Meredith Viera! They were sitting high up on a platform and I guess Keith got a little too close for comfort and Viera let out a little yelp! Al Rocker busted out laughing. It was funny. No casualties reported

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Da Vinci, The Last Supper, detail, Hi-Res

Here are a few detail shots from The Last Supper...well, just because!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Glennray Tutor "Early Sides"

Photorealist, Glennray Tutor has a show up at Southside Gallery in Oxford, MS. It's a really interesting show being that it's almost like a mini-retrospective! The show is called "Early Sides" and it showcases some of his work from the Graduate School era. He experimented in Surrealism and Abstraction and then it shows his emergence into Photorealism. It's shocking to view this batch of early work and recent work because they are on different ends of the spectrum! Before I walked in to the gallery I thought it was two different artists' work.

No doubt this show is amazing...I left feeling inspired. Here are more pics from the show:

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Additive Primary Colors Diagram (Color Theory), Chart

Here is a diagram of Additive Primary Colors that I made. Click image for a hi-res image!
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Subtractive Primary Colors Diagram (Color Theory), Chart

Here is a diagram of Subtractive Colors. Feel free to download to your heart's content!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Hi-res, Printable Color Wheel

I was looking around on the intranets for a hi-res colorwheel. Could not find one. So, needless to say, I made my own! Feel free to download as an educational source. If you need more, I have more here:
Links to other color theory diagrams:

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Da Vinci in B-ham

Me and some guys took a day trip to Birmingham to see the Da Vinci show last week. I had never been to the Birmingham Museum and was pleasantly surprised! It was a very nice museum. They had a nice permanent collection.

The show had about 10 or 11 Da Vinci drawings and the Codex on bird flight. These drawing have never left Italy before. So, it's pretty surprising that B-ham of all places got to exhibit them. All the drawings were very teeny tiny. They gave us magnifying glasses to look at them. The Study for the Angel from Virgin of the Rocks was beautiful! It was soooo little. The Study for the Angel was done in metalpoint, which is even more impressive being that you can't make any mistakes! You have one shot with it.

I would tell everyone to go see the show but I think it came down yesterday!

Here are some pics from the trip

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Chip off the Old Block!

Two vandals recently chipped off a piece of rock from the Stonehenge monument. Armed with a hammer and a screwdriver, vandals removed a piece about as big as a large coin by cover of night. They also left a 2.5 inch scratch on one of the megaliths. Any further desecration was foiled by security guards.

It is believed they could've been in search of a souvenir! They could have been tourists. Most people go on vacation and come back with a "I Love New York" shirt or a fake Rolex - but these guys come away with their very own piece of Stonehenge! What a shame...

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Pronunciation of Artists' Names

There are alot of artists' names out there that get butchered/mispronounced all the time! I was guilty of this sin too. I'm no linguist or anything but with a little crafty googling I found the answers to my pronunciation queries.

So here is a helpful list of the culprits, courtesy of and

Artists' names and their correct pronunciations!

Jean-Auguste Ingres - pronounced: "Zhahn-oh-gust" "Ayng"

Jacques-Louis David - pronounced: "Zhahk-loo-ee" "Dah-veed"

Hyacinthe Rigaud - pronounced: "Yeah-sahnt" "Ree-goo"

Nicolas Poussin - pronounced: "Nee-ko-lah" "Poo-sah"

Georges Seurat - pronounced: "Shore-hes" "Soower-ah"

Giovanni Tiepolo - pronounced: "Jah-van-ee" "Tee-poh-low"

Paul Klee - prounounced: "Pow-ull" "Klay"

K├Ąthe Kollwitz - pronounced: "Kay-tah" "Kohl-vitz"

Berthe Morisot - pronounced: "Bayer-tah" "Mo-ree-zoh"

Gustave Caillebotte - pronounced: "Goo-stahf" "Kai-buh-t"

Gustave Courbet - pronounced: "Goo-stahf" "Cohr-bay"

Titian - pronounced: "Tih-shuhn"

Wayne Thiebauld - pronounced: "Tee-boh"

and saving the best for last!...

Amedeo Modigliani - pronounced: "Ah-may-day-o" "Mo-deel-yah-nee"

Monday, May 19, 2008

Where Id's At!

Lucian Freud has been named the most expensive living artist after his painting of Sue Tilley recently sold for $33.6 million at auction! (I wonder how much that translates into an hour? 50,000 an hour? 100,000 an hour?) Freud is movin’ on up. His last painting sold for a mere 19 mil.

The painting titled Benefits Supervisor Sleeping is lifesize and was painted in 1995. “Big Sue” posed for Freud in the early 90s for four long years, two or three days a week! It’s a beautiful painting and all, but who would want a painting of a naked, morbidly obese woman hanging over his mantle? (Hey, Different strokes for different folks.)

At this point, it seems that Lucian Freuds have become like Ferraris for the rich. It’s quite a status symbol to own one.

Lucian is the grandson of the psychoanalyser himself, Sigmund Freud. Lucian is known for his fleshy technique of capturing skin using globby brushstrokes. His ability to capture the “meatiness” of the flesh is brilliant and genius.